Is there life out there? Is there an end to space? Did we really land on the moon? Are their other life forms out there? Have we been visited by intelligent life? Does the government know about this all but wont tell us? There are so many questions about UFOs and other life forms. I do not believe we have been to the moon! If we got there with shit technology, how come we are not there now learning more about that planet and what can come for it. Most scientist say that space is probably infinite, so how can there only be one form of intelligent being? I’m not sure if there really are other life forms that can travel to our planet cause I don’t have all the facts but to say there is not would be immature! In art some of these questions can be answered. From crop circles (they have been proven to be man-made but not all have) to old painting with weird random saucer like objects in the sky.   Yeah, Area 51 whats that all about??whooooooooaaaaaaaaa!  

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