Halloween is upon us! Time for scary movies and tricks around the neighborhood. Free candy will fall from the sky like god has a pinata and Jesus has a holly bat of justice. 😉 Who came up with Halloween in the first place..?  I guess it came from the olden days and witches when people would blame ugly women for all the problems in the world or in their life’s. Over time people started to figure shit out and it turned it into a joke that people pull pranks on each other or homes. If you think about it, Halloween is made for pedophiles… instead of the guys going to the park to pick up some young-ins  now all they have to do is pop a movie in a wait for them to show up! Easy picking once a year they say. Halloween is corrupt…. women act like slutty animals, kids get fat and sick from all the candy, guys drink a shit ton and hit on the slutty animals and wizards, pedophiles have it easy, and candy stores make a shit ton of money!


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