Is a hot air Balloon ride really safe?

Why do people enjoy hot air balloon rides? It seems like a very expensive and boring hobby. Take a train, plane, or car. Any choice will be faster and more enjoyable for all. The only thing that would be amazing would be the view and you hope to god that the balloonist is not a crazy person and talks you ears off so you jump. You also have to watch out for the public that hates balloons and hates balloon riders  like this guy! Who wronged him in his life to take it out on hot air balloons and does he despise all balloons or only the big ones in the sky?  I have to give him one thing, he has an impressive weapon! He must be rich or really good at getting hard things, if you know what i mean…


PS. no animals ware hurt in the making and reenactment of this glorious art!


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