Here is you winner! It was hard to pick from everyone’s art but this piece touched my heart if you know what I mean… It’s from a great movie and who better to set up the art then the artist him self. “Johnny met the devil at the crossroads at midnight to trade his soul to play the guitar brilliantly. Well, Johnny is there, but where is the devil? Funny thing about the devil is he’s got other things to do, and I bet that Johnny will wait… and wait… and wait.”-Matt Neumann.

The wood and smoke really sold me on the idea of old times and the message the artist was going for. It really captured the scene in the movie and that is why it won! Congratulation to you Neumann, glorious and magical work!

PS…. The “prize” I told you all about for the winner is a…lie… I’m sorry it was just an attempt to get more people to join in and send their art. So again sorry and no prize will be handed out

PPS…. Neumann you were the only one to submit you art so don’t get to excited… Not to take away from your art it was really good just no one to against. But good job and thank you. Way to go man 😉

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