Track Day!! bitches…

Every one tie your shoes tight, get you coolest track outfit and headband on! Show your skills to the world and represent your country, city, area, or who every you fight for! Be ready for  strong competition because there are many worthy advisers ready to throw down. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!


This is a very busy picture. That is another amazing thing about art, it can draw your eyes and that can create a different feeling of the art. Some may see the judges club house first and flow down to the long jump pit. Other people may draw their eyes right to the falling runner! Hurdles are a very dangerous event but it can also be super funny! Yes i do feel really bad when a runner falls but at the same time it is one of the funniest things!

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Breakfast anyone…?

What a healthy breakfast! Your choice of fruit and some yummy toast. This masterpiece was constructed on an empty stomach and an empty sole. I also got my inspiration for this, from a painting I looking at the other day. The powerful colors and the almost confusing strokes really spoke to me. Most of my art comes from the inside but every one has blocks and likes to be lost in other artist work.

Always make your art your own! I took the bowl and fruit but the toaster is all me! Bring your self into every painting you do is the best advise i have for any young or older paint artiest.

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Show me your best!

Hey all you followers out there! thanks for following and I would like to branch out to everyone. I am having a paint contest!!! So this week if you would like to do some art and email our best work. Anything goes, what ever makes your insides warm put it on paint 🙂 please email your best work at and add a back story to your art.

There is a small prize for the winner… good luck to all 😉

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WAR… :(

What can come of war? death, glory, lost sons, lost daughters, tears, money, land, so many other things. Can we have peace without war or can we conquer peace with war? To fight for someone or an idea is heroic but to die for a government that lies is something else all together. 😦 This is a dark post but some issues have to be brought into the limelight!  

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Home Sweet Home

Dream home… When will I be where the little man in the window is? This is another inspirational picture about you future. It can show you where you want to go or what you need to do to accomplish all your wildest goals and dreams. The lights on upstairs makes me believe he has a family and they are at play enjoying life. CAN YOU DREAM?

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Pop Tart vs Taco

Who would win in this battle, the Pop Tart or the Taco? To answer this question one would have to look inward. Do you believe what the Taco is fighting for, or would you go with Taco because of the fire power? The weapon of a gentlemen is the sword which people can agree with.  In art would you want a winner? Drawings in paint, becomes more then just art, it makes you think and believe anything can come true.

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The lost art of paint

the lost art of paint.

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