Here is you winner! It was hard to pick from everyone’s art but this piece touched my heart if you know what I mean… It’s from a great movie and who better to set up the art then the artist him self. “Johnny met the devil at the crossroads at midnight to trade his soul to play the guitar brilliantly. Well, Johnny is there, but where is the devil? Funny thing about the devil is he’s got other things to do, and I bet that Johnny will wait… and wait… and wait.”-Matt Neumann.

The wood and smoke really sold me on the idea of old times and the message the artist was going for. It really captured the scene in the movie and that is why it won! Congratulation to you Neumann, glorious and magical work!

PS…. The “prize” I told you all about for the winner is a…lie… I’m sorry it was just an attempt to get more people to join in and send their art. So again sorry and no prize will be handed out

PPS…. Neumann you were the only one to submit you art so don’t get to excited… Not to take away from your art it was really good just no one to against. But good job and thank you. Way to go man 😉

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Fly like an eagle…

Flying! Let your mind wonder!!!

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Anyone up for a swim?

To the people who can’t swim, I don’t mean to offend you or your family! That’s not how I roll the dice but I drew this to inspire you all to give it another chance and swim. Most people will support you but always be ready for the sad people who give out 2’s so take the leap! 😉 😉 To all the normal people who can swim or at least are comfy in the water this is to inspire you to go for the gold.  With hard work, having a pool within driving distance and parents that annoy the crap out of you, you can be as good as Michael Phelps was 4 years ago!

Always swim with a cool sun out! Its good luck and you will always NAIL the dive or landing! Trust me!

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Is a hot air Balloon ride really safe?

Why do people enjoy hot air balloon rides? It seems like a very expensive and boring hobby. Take a train, plane, or car. Any choice will be faster and more enjoyable for all. The only thing that would be amazing would be the view and you hope to god that the balloonist is not a crazy person and talks you ears off so you jump. You also have to watch out for the public that hates balloons and hates balloon riders  like this guy! Who wronged him in his life to take it out on hot air balloons and does he despise all balloons or only the big ones in the sky?  I have to give him one thing, he has an impressive weapon! He must be rich or really good at getting hard things, if you know what i mean…


PS. no animals ware hurt in the making and reenactment of this glorious art!


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Halloween is upon us! Time for scary movies and tricks around the neighborhood. Free candy will fall from the sky like god has a pinata and Jesus has a holly bat of justice. 😉 Who came up with Halloween in the first place..?  I guess it came from the olden days and witches when people would blame ugly women for all the problems in the world or in their life’s. Over time people started to figure shit out and it turned it into a joke that people pull pranks on each other or homes. If you think about it, Halloween is made for pedophiles… instead of the guys going to the park to pick up some young-ins  now all they have to do is pop a movie in a wait for them to show up! Easy picking once a year they say. Halloween is corrupt…. women act like slutty animals, kids get fat and sick from all the candy, guys drink a shit ton and hit on the slutty animals and wizards, pedophiles have it easy, and candy stores make a shit ton of money!


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Is there life out there? Is there an end to space? Did we really land on the moon? Are their other life forms out there? Have we been visited by intelligent life? Does the government know about this all but wont tell us? There are so many questions about UFOs and other life forms. I do not believe we have been to the moon! If we got there with shit technology, how come we are not there now learning more about that planet and what can come for it. Most scientist say that space is probably infinite, so how can there only be one form of intelligent being? I’m not sure if there really are other life forms that can travel to our planet cause I don’t have all the facts but to say there is not would be immature! In art some of these questions can be answered. From crop circles (they have been proven to be man-made but not all have) to old painting with weird random saucer like objects in the sky.   Yeah, Area 51 whats that all about??whooooooooaaaaaaaaa!  

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Amazing Wind Power!

If you have ever been up close to one of the amazing wind turbines you would know how the regular sized people feel in this painting. The buildings and machines that we can build just amazes me to no end, from the towers in New York City to miles of wind farms in rural areas, it almost seems like there is no end to the possibilities.  But we must be weary of the machines we create now a days. Can they turn on us and become self aware? Who am I to say if some machines are able to do this now or in the near future… I just post a warning to all man kind, growth is always welcome and amazing but always add a self-destruct button or and program to end it all! Every rich or in the know person will have this before we all do so another warning to ask for the self-destruct button up front!

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